Common Vehicle Next Generation

Common Vehicle Next Generation

The Common Vehicle’s strengths include:

  • Power—Its 6.7 liter 185 hp engine delivers a high power to weight ratio and moves the vehicle at high speeds, up to 80 mph.
  • Flexible Configuration—The Common Vehicle can transform into a variety of configurations, depending on the mission. For more protection, the open-frame cabin can be enclosed with modular armor panels. A variety of mounts offer many weapon and mortar options, and the 4x4 vehicle can extend to a 6x6 configuration with a removable third axle that adds up to 50 percent more payload capacity.
  • Maneuverability—Teams are often assigned difficult mission environments, and the Common Vehicle easily navigates challenging terrain with its adjustable suspension, high ground clearance and low center of gravity. It can conquer 60 percent grades and navigate through 3+ feet of water.

Lockheed Martin also offers an upgraded variant, the Common Vehicle Next Generation, which includes improved armor options and a more powerful engine.

The Common Vehicle has unique features that move troops quickly and nimbly over difficult terrain. (Photo by Lockheed Martin)

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