Cross-Domain Solutions

Cross-Domain Solutions

Today's Intelligence Sharing Challenge: Secure Data Sharing Across Intelligence Networks

Today’s technology brings phenomenal possibilities to the sharing of national defense and security information. Consider a situation in which a Joint Force Commander and a soldier on the ground request highly sensitive battlefield imagery of a specific location. They both receive the intelligence in real time — the Commander on a top-secret domain system in the White House and the soldier on an uncleared smartphone.

The scenario is entirely feasible in theory. In real life, however, fielding a system capable of supporting such far-reaching information exchange requires a network enterprise that seamlessly connects the multitude of intelligence data producers, processors and end users. Another challenge — and perhaps the most critical — is defining how to securely share sensitive data between unclassified and classified security domains. Protections must be in place to prevent inadvertent “leakage” of classified information and to safeguard networks and systems as information is exchanged between the highest and lowest security echelons. 

The Guard

One of the main capabilities that enables the transfer of information between incompatible security domains or levels of classification is the cross domain solution or CDS.  Lockheed Martin began its foray into the development of cross domain solutions some 20 years ago to address the Navy’s need for passing formatted text messages between commands. Today, these cross domain solutions are transferring data between US forces and coalition partners at more than 500 DoD and intelligence agency sites around the world. Lockheed Martin’s cross domain solutions can transfer images and video while constantly expanding the types of data that it can recognize and parse. One of their most notable distinguishing characteristic is the ability to efficiently segregate streaming video and other high bandwidth transfers.  Our solutions are based on proven results and a successful track record of success in the following areas of interest: 

  • Security Consulting, Architecture, and Design services
  • Assist in certification/accreditation support for security activities that are required for the Department of Defense and other related government  entities
  • Provide customized training packages based on customer requirements
  • Provide 24x7 support for their varying product lines

These  products not only meet critical mission collaboration requirements for securely sharing top secret, secret and unclassified data, but also maximize interoperability between the U.S. intelligence community, Department of Defense (DoD), and coalition partners.

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