The 2.75-inch/70mm DAGR missile is a precision-strike, multi-role, multi-platform munition that effectively neutralizes lightly-armored and high-value targets close to civilian assets or friendly forces. DAGR offers strike capability with the reliability of a HELLFIRE II missile while further limiting collateral damage.

The DAGR system puts HELLFIRE II missile and Joint Air-to-Ground Missile technology in a 2.75-inch guidance section that integrates seamlessly with legacy Hydra-70 rockets. Like HELLFIRE, DAGR offers lock-on-after-launch (LOAL) and lock-on-before-launch (LOBL) capability, target handoff, enhanced built-in testing on the rail, and laser coding from the cockpit. The result is a laser-guided missile that offers capabilities beyond those of a simple guided rocket.

DAGR has proven itself in over 30 successful guided flights, launched from such rotary-wing platforms as the AH-64D Apache, AH-6 Little Bird and OH-58 Kiowa Warrior. And every DAGR target strike has hit within 1 meter of the laser-designated aimpoint. The seeker’s ±8 degree field of view provides a large engagement envelope, enabling DAGR to acquire and launch at targets off-axis, maintain contact with a laser spot in high winds while in flight, and zero in on pop-up or moving targets.DAGR is compatible with digital smart launchers—ready to integrate with HELLFIRE systems today and modernized rocket launchers tomorrow. DAGR missiles can also be launched from legacy or modified M260/M261 launchers.

The DAGR rail-mounted canister (RMC) mounts to HELLFIRE-compatible digital and analog launchers (e.g., M299/M310 and M272). The RMC readily integrates with all HELLFIRE platforms, including unmanned aerial vehicles and Apache, Kiowa, Little Bird, Cobra, and Tiger helicopters.

Plug-and-play HELLFIRE II compatibility allows aircrews to mix loadouts between HELLFIRE and DAGR missiles on the same launcher, providing the flexibility to meet any challenge on an ever-changing battlefield. When increased loadout or reduced weight is a must, DAGR delivers.

DAGR is a trademark of Lockheed Martin Corporation.
DAGR products and configurations are in the process of qualification.
HELLFIRE is a Registered Trademark of Lockheed Martin Corporation.

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