Exoskeleton Technologies

Lockheed Martin

Exoskeleton Technologies

Engineering The Future of Human Augmentation

Exoskeleton technologies can bring new capabilities to fighting forces and improve endurance and safety in industrial settings. Lockheed Martin continues refinement of next-generation industrial products with primary focus on powered exoskeletons. Lockheed Martin’s new lower-body exoskeleton has demonstrated to increase mobility. By reducing the effort in walking and climbing this technology can literally help soldiers and first responders go the extra mile while carrying mission-essential equipment.

Military Boot


Lockheed Martin is developing military applications that are focused on soldier load carriage and sustainment applications.
Industrial Cogs


The FORTIS exoskeleton is an unpowered, lightweight exoskeleton developed for industrial environments.

FORTIS is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Lockheed Martin Corporation.