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Exoskeleton Technologies: First Responder

The Power to Respond

When the strength and endurance of first responders is challenged, ONYX makes the difference. ONYX is a light weight, wearable robot that counteracts overstress on the lower back and legs. It provides additional leg strength which increases the user’s endurance for climbing stairs, lifting heavy objects, squatting, crawling, and climbing over irregular terrain.

Leveraging the foundational intellectual property of B-temia, Inc., ONYX combines rigid and flexible structures that conform to the human body. Sensors distributed on the exoskeleton report speed, direction, and angle of movement to the on-board artificial intelligence which drives electro-mechanical actuators at the knees. The exoskeleton delivers the right torque, at the right time to assist knee flexion and extension.  


•    Enhances user strength and endurance

•    Enables easier carriage of heavy hoses and tools

•    Reduces the metabolic cost of transport

•    Increases ability to traverse stairs, inclines and irregular terrain

•    Reduces stress on leg muscles

•    Guides orthopedic alignment to help evenly distribute weight

•    Maintains skeletal alignment to avoid overstress and pressure injuries.


ONYX is designed to provide firefighters and first responders with additional strength to perform strenuous tasks required to save lives and property. An advanced proof of capability prototype, ONYX is available for testing to demonstrate its human augmentation capabilities. The system requires additional ruggedization and development to enable it to integrate with firefighter personal protective equipment and to meet National Fire Protection Association standards.

ONYX boosts leg capacity for physically demanding tasks such as walking up or down inclines, lifting or dragging heavy loads, or walking with load.
Among other benefits, ONYX enforces orthopedic alignment to help evenly distribute weight and avoid skeletal overstress and pressure injuries.

ONYX are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Lockheed Martin Corporation.

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