Threat Driven. Ready Now.

The Falcon weapon system is a state-of-the-art solution designed to address the critical gap in short and medium-range ground based air defense.

Integrated Scalable Network.

The Lockheed Martin Skykeeper battle manager delivers real-time, decision quality data with a scalable, open architecture network that can track more than 800 targets and prosecute eight simultaneous omnidirectional engagements per launcher.

Addressing the Gap.

The highly maneuverable Diehl IRIS-T SLM interceptor destroys fixed and rotary wing platforms, UAS and cruise missile threats at a 40 km range and 20 km altitude before ordnance release and far enough away from urban areas to negate effects of chemical and biological weapons.

360-degree Protection.

The Diehl Defence IRIS-T SLM vertical launcher simultaneously engages multiple threats in conjunction with the high discrimination capabilities of the Saab Giraffe 4A 360-degree S-band AESA radar to provide comprehensive short and medium-range air defense.

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