Gyrocam Systems

Gyrocam Systems

Part of Lockheed Martin’s family of turreted systems, Gyrocam sensor systems provide military forces, law enforcement agencies and commercial customers with enhanced intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities. Gyrocam systems feature gyro-stabilized electro-optical sensors and night vision enhancements that allow users to see through fog, haze and complete darkness.

Designed to meet changing mission requirements, Gyrocam systems are cost-effective and easily tailored with interchangeable universal mounts for ground vehicles, airborne platforms, maritime vessels and perimeter security applications. Solid, weather-tight construction allows Gyrocam systems to perform under the harshest environments.

More than 1,100 Gyrocam systems have been fielded with all branches of the U.S. military, law enforcement and NATO and coalition partners.

F-35 Aerial Demonstration Debut at 2017 Paris Air Show

Our Gyrocam sensor system helps first responders and the military see more when it matters most. Battle proven and mission tested, more than 1,100 systems have been deployed around the world. The gyro-stabilized infrared and color cameras capture steady video for day and night missions on ground vehicles, aircraft and maritime vessels. Learn more at

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