Warfighting commands currently operate across five domains – ground, maritime, air, space and cyber.  To operate across these domains, the Army and Marines have tanks, artillery, maneuver vehicles and aircraft as warfighting platforms; the Navy has ships, submarines and aircraft as warfighting platforms; and the Air Force has aircraft and satellites as warfighting platforms. So where does that leave cyber?

The Department of Defense is leaning forward and investing in capabilities that will equip the nation’s cyber forces with a warfighting platform from which to defend, achieve and maintain cyberspace superiority – it’s called the “Unified Platform (UP).”

It’s important for Lockheed Martin to help our customers transition away from the one-off solutions that tend to exist now in cyber. That is why the Cyber and Intelligence team developed an integrated cyber mission system prototype known as Henosis to inform the solution for the competition for the Unified Platform. Henosis derives its name from the classical Greek term for “unity” and would serve as a single collaborative interface for users to launch defensive and offensives cyber operations and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR).

How It Works

Henosis will simplify cyber operations for warfighters of all experience levels. Using a single interface, the prototype seamlessly connects users with both defensive and offensive cyber operations.  It comprises a system of systems that allows an operator from any specialty to:

  • Gain authorized access;
  • Develop operational mission plans utilizing shared mission data and intelligence; and
  • Build a customizable application package to ultimately execute their specific mission.



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