INFIRNO is a high definition (HD), precision targeting and ISR sensor system that readily adapts for future missions. Applicable across ground, airborne and maritime platforms, INFIRNO features HD color and HD infrared sensors, laser designator/range finder, advanced image processing and multi-target track capabilities proven in Lockheed Martin’s Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod, Target Sight System and the Apache M-TADS/PNVS.


INFIRNO’s modular, 15-inch turret allows users to reconfigure the system to meet changes in technology, without removing the turret from the host platform. The systems line replaceable units (LRUs) can be swapped out, allowing operators to meet future mission requirements.


Developed through an internal Lockheed Martin investment, INFIRNO’s modular turret design and LRUs enable true two-level field maintenance. This concept reduces the need to replace entire systems and can save users more than 50 percent in long term operational costs

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