LCS Integrated Surface Warfare System

LCS Integrated Surface Warfare System

Lockheed Martin has developed the Integrated Surface Warfare System for the U.S. Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) surface warfare mission package to provide the U.S. Navy’s newest ship class with an organic missile capability designed to counter the emergent and growing Fast Attack Craft and Fast Inshore Attack Craft threat. This fully integrated capability features Lockheed Martin’s proven Longbow weapon system to provide a long range, fire-and-forget, autonomous delivery, and high-volume of fire capability, necessary to counter a “swarm attack”.

The system has an initial range of eight kilometers and features fire-and-forget and multi-mode capability. The multi-purpose warhead ensures effectiveness against various types of attacking craft.

The LCS mission packages’ modular, plug ‘n play design allows for upgrades such as growth missiles and configuration of other platforms in eight cell increments, keeping the capability effective, affordable and flexible.

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