Modular Active Protection Systems (MAPS) Base Kit

The Next Generation of Open
Architecture Armor Protection
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Modular Active Protection System (MAPS) Base Kit

Open Architecture Processor for Combat Vehicle Active Protection

As the backbone of the U.S. Army’s Modular Active Protection System (MAPS) framework, Lockheed Martin’s MAPS base kit offers automatic, next-generation survivability for ground combat vehicles and crews. The base kit integrates sensors and countermeasures in an open, common framework to detect, track, classify and defeat existing and emerging threats like rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank guided missiles.

The open and scalable MAPS base kit is designed to grow with current combat vehicles and support future vehicle protection system capabilities.

The open-architecture controller at the core of the base kit features open standard interfaces and readily incorporates sensors and countermeasures compliant with the MAPS architecture framework. It provides fast and secure processing power to drive multiple applications and future vehicle protection system capabilities.

The base kit’s other components include application software, user interface, power management distribution system and network switch. 

MAPS Delivers: Agility, Affordability and Commonality

Modularity and an open architecture, refreshable design drive innovation. The scalable MAPS base kit supports upgrades and future vehicle protection system capabilities.


Meet emerging threats by changing only the components necessary to defeat them… and keep one step ahead of adversaries


Upgrade at the component level to reduce developmental cost, extend system life cycle and promote best-of-breed solutions by avoiding vendor lock


Add new or improved components to all MAPS-enabled platforms to lower risk and maximize development investments

MAPS Delivers: Proven Protection Against Missile Threats

When threats pop up, the MAPS base kit is ready to engage. In a series of live-fire tests conducted by the U.S. Army, MAPS-enabled systems defeated 15 out of 15 anti-tank guided missiles by jamming their signals, causing them to fly off-target. And it’s ready to meet all U.S. Army security and safety certification requirements to ensure warfighter safety.

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Modular Active Protection Systems: Ahead of the Threat Curve

The U.S. Army’s Modular Active Protection Systems (MAPS) solution protects armored vehicles and crews from rockets and missiles. See how Lockheed Martin’s open-architecture MAPS base kit links sensors and countermeasures to provide platform protection against current threats, and rapidly upgrades to meet emerging ones.

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