Extra Large Unmanned Undersea Vehicle

Orca - Extra Large Unmanned Undersea Vehicle (XLUUV)

Force Multiplier

Lockheed Martin is supporting the growth of the U.S. Navy’s family of unmanned undersea systems under a contract for Orca, the U.S. Navy’s Extra Large Unmanned Undersea Vehicle (XLUUV), to meet increasing demands for undersea operational awareness and payload delivery.

Key attributes include extended vehicle range, autonomy, and persistence. Orca XLUUV will transit to an area of operation; loiter with the ability to periodically establish communications, deploy payloads, and transit home.

Modular Solution

Orca XLUUV is being designed to support multiple critical missions. This long-range autonomous vehicle will perform a variety of missions. Lockheed Martin’s XLUUV leverages its expertise in the integration of proven, and open, architecture solutions.

The modularity of the vehicle enables reliable operations, lifecycle benefits and answers the U.S. Navy’s call for an affordable solution that can be reconfigured based on emerging needs.

Multi-Domain Experience

Lockheed Martin has over four decades of experience in unmanned and robotic systems for air, land and sea. From the depths of the ocean to the rarified air of the stratosphere, Lockheed Martin’s unmanned systems help our military customer accomplish their most difficult challenges.

With each new undersea vehicle that Lockheed Martin designs, Lockheed Martin brings to bear the state-of-the-art in technology, and innovative system integration of those technologies, to increase the range, reach, and effectiveness of undersea forces and their missions. With decades of experience supporting the U.S. Navy’s mission, our engineers are approaching this design with a sense of urgency and continued agility.

Lockheed Martin has a unique position in the market, as we offer a portfolio of different systems for unmanned air, ground, sea and undersea operations.  Many missions will require advanced system capabilities, and we are engineering the future in many creative ways.

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