Phoenix Eye AN/APY-12

Phoenix Eye AN/APY-12

In many areas of the world, there exists a need to provide surveillance 24 hours a day, in any type of weather. Lockheed Martin’s day/night all-weather Phoenix Eye AN/APY-12 radar meets this need by providing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance support anytime it is needed.

Developed for surveillance and reconnaissance missions, the AN/APY-12 is a long range, all weather, day /night, X-band synthetic aperture radar (SAR) with moving target indication capabilities. Even in inclement weather or darkness, the AN/APY-12 radar provides extremely high resolution imagery. The AN/APY-12 can also transmit airborne processed images and moving target detections to ground-based exploitation stations in real-time via secure data links.

This high resolution SAR delivers photographic quality images of designated areas of interest as well as ground moving target indicator detections (GMTI) of moving surface vehicles, taxiing aircraft, and hovering helicopters. A new mode incorporated into AN/APY-12 produces GMTI detections with increased sensitivity and improved geo-location accuracy. In less than one minute, the radar’s wide area moving target indicator (WAMTI) mode can scan thousands of square kilometers, detect ground movement, then overlay that moving target data onto a map. Both GMTI and WAMTI modes provide target location, direction, and velocity information.

This radar supports a number of programs including the U.S. Army Air Reconnaissance Low system. In the ARL-M configuration, the system is integrated onto RC-7 aircraft.

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