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The highly integrated Kestrel Autopilot is small and light, yet powerful. Sacrificing nothing for its compact, weight-saving design, the Kestrel Autopilot integrates all flight sensors, communication and payload interfaces into a neat, elegant package.

Kestrel Autopilot v3.1 VTOL Fixed Wing

Kestrel Autopilot V4 VTOL/Fixed Wing

  • Provides high-bandwidth control for unparalleled stability in windy/inclement weather
  • Offers aggressive climb, descent and forward flight maneuver capability
  • Features include extensive input/output, high speed servos and onboard data logging
  • Expandable avionics architecture enables a wide range of integrated payloads and sensors

Virtual CockpitTM v3

  • Features highly intuitive 3D graphical user interface (GUI) and easy-to-use click/drag 3D waypoints and 3D streaming maps from disk or online
  • Multi-agent support available for fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Built-in video provides multiple video streams
  • Agent and flight path trail are rendered in full-context 3D
  • Provides intuitive multi-function display and vehicle health monitoring
Virtual Cockpit V3

Hand Controller

Hand Controller

  • Virtual Cockpit™ user-friendly mapping interface
  • Powerful mission planning tools
  • In-flight re-tasking
  • Full waypoint navigation
  • Windows-based operating system
  • Wi-Fi link to laptop and video dissemination
  • Integrated GPS and 4G LTE connectivity

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