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Next-generation missile for next-generation aircraft


Stand Off Missile for the Joint Strike Fighter

Enhanced Capabilities

Lockheed Martin and Turkey’s Roketsan are partnered to cooperatively develop and manufacture SOM-J for integration into the F-35 internal weapons bay and for external carriage on various fighter aircraft.

SOM-J is a next-generation, medium-range, all-weather air-to-surface standoff cruise missile. Stealthy and precise, SOM-J is designed for use against heavily defended, high-value anti-surface warfare (ASuW) and land targets. These include surface-to-air missile (SAM) sites, exposed aircraft, strategic assets, command and control centers and naval vessels.

A Low Cost, Highly Lethal Solution

SOM-J’s modular design supports mission flexibility. With largest-in-class warhead effects, SOM-J complements other long-range weapon systems and provides an affordable solution to maximize stealth, standoff and F-35 endurance across the battlespace.

SOM-J is an air-to-surface missile to be used against heavily defended, high-value ASuW and land targets. Lockheed Martin is teamed with Roketsan and is delivering experience and expertise to the SOM-J development team for F-35 internal carriage integration.

Photo Gallery

Som-J 0029
SOM-J grows U.S. Air Force and Navy F-35 anti-access warfighting capabilities.
Som-J 0070
SOM-J complements other longer range weapon systems such as JASSM and LRASM, and outperforms existing glide-profile weapons currently in inventory.

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