Captures tactical system imagery and video,
provides powerful data analysis tools and
simplifies distribution to ISR analysts



The StratusRising tactical gateway allows real-time net-centric communication and data sharing between the warfighter and the intelligence analyst. It quickly generates data products that are readily available to all users, offering essential information to the warfighter when it is needed most.

In addition to full motion video, the StratusRising tactical gateway satisfies the full spectrum of tactical operations. StratusRising performs data transfer, network operation and protocol in a standards-based, service-oriented architecture, providing robust situational awareness tools and information sharing capabilities in a secure network.

With the StratusRising tactical gateway, intelligence analysts can connect to datalink-enabled sensors and soldiers on the tactical edge. StratusRising allows analysts to access live and recorded tactical sensor feeds and intelligence data, then it processes, prioritizes and disseminates information collected in-theater to a full spectrum of users.

The gateway gives analysts battlefield situational awareness by integrating real-time information in an immersive 3D display with built-in exploitation tools.


  • Advanced terrain analysis tools
  • Multi-layer display of intelligence data
  • Live and archived data relationships for temporal analysis
  • Video, metadata and image tools
  • Automatic geospatial imagery insertion
  • Collaboration with inter-node communication
StratusRising Gateway
StratusRising is a Registered Trademark of Lockheed Martin Corporation.

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