Synthetic Aperture Radar

Synthetic Aperture Radar

Security concerns across the global landscape reinforce the need for continuous awareness of one’s environment. A capability that can provide intelligence imagery anytime, in any type of weather, is critical to enhancing situational awareness and gaining a tactical edge. That capability is Synthetic Aperture Radar, or SAR.

Unlike electro-optical imaging systems, SAR is an active system with its own microwave illuminator. Its microwave operating frequencies are chosen so that the radar imaging is unaffected by weather or light. As such, SAR is the only imaging system that can generate high resolution imagery, anytime - even in inclement weather or darkness.

Lockheed Martin developed the first operational SAR system in the early 1950s. This discovery forged a new era in aerial reconnaissance. SAR has revolutionized reconnaissance by peering through clouds and darkness to create photo-quality images. Subsequent demands for increased resolution and smaller-sized components led to quantum leaps in the development of new technologies.

Lockheed martin has since adapted SAR to meet the requirements for a multitude of military, government and civilian mission needs. Demands for increased resolution and smaller components have led to quantum leaps in the development of new SAR technologies, including foliage penetration, dual band (UHF/VHF) sensors, and ground moving target indication capabilities.

SAR images are so amazingly clear and crisp that SAR has been for a diverse range of military and science applications. This includes earth resources monitoring, agricultural and land use, ocean spill monitoring, polar ice assessment, intelligence acquisition, battlefield reconnaissance and weapon delivery.

Today, Lockheed Martin continues its pursuit toward the development of next generation radar technologies.

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