Tactical Tomahawk
Weapons Control System

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The Tactical Tomahawk Weapons Control System (TTWCS) is an integral part of the Tomahawk Weapons System (TWS) providing a flexible, interoperable foundation for Naval and Joint Warfare Operations. TTWCS is one of three major segments that comprise the Tomahawk Weapons System, enabling an unprecedented war fighting capability that provides the U.S. Navy with high volume, precision strike capability across multiple classes of surface ships and submarines.

Integrated with the ship's navigation, communication, situational awareness and launch systems, TTWCS provides the capability to execute Tomahawk missile strikes, plan new missions aboard the launch platform, perform engagement planning, launch all Tomahawk missile variants and control in-flight Tactical Tomahawk missiles.  Since being awarded the prime development contract in 1999, Lockheed Martin has supported development, upgrade and sustainment of all versions of the TTWCS. TTWCS achieved Initial Operational Capability in 2004 and since that time Lockheed Martin continues to bring its extensive systems engineering, software development and hardware production expertise to improve the flexibility, add new capabilities and provide upgrades to TTWCS fleet users. Additional upgrades to address interoperability, obsolescence and new weapon system capabilities are underway.

Ship classes that utilize TTWCS capabilities include Navy cruisers (CG), Navy destroyers (DDG51 and DDG1000) and all attack and guided missile class submarines (SSN and SSGN). Integration of the Tomahawk Weapons System with these various launch platforms provides the U.S. Navy fleet with an enhanced and unparallel capability to satisfy the U.S. Navy's need for high-end technologies and to employ precision kinetic firepower from a distance greater than the adversary. Additionally, the Tomahawk Weapons System provides the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy with the same firepower capability on its Astute class submarines.

As part of the Tomahawk System Development Activity, Lockheed Martin, together with Navy labs in Dahlgren, VA, Newport, RI and Port Hueneme, CA, helps maintain current fleet released products and develops new products that address emerging fleet priorities.  

TTWCS Features

·     Improved user interface for greater situational awareness

·     Primary planning is performed through receipt and processing of electronic strike packages

·     Embedded Launch Platform Mission Planning

·     Supports bi-directional communication with en-route missiles

·     Supports en-route missile retargeting

·     Supports loitering missile target selection

·     Provides automatic or allows manual selection of missiles to meet tasking

TTWCS Implementation Highlights

·     Common software baseline for all platforms – DDG, CG, SSN, SSGN, UK

·     Extensive use of COTS/GOTS hardware and software

·     Significant fleet interaction in design of user interface

·     Continuing to reduce shipboard space required for TTWCS unique hardware, transitioning to virtualized design

·     Design emphasis on Reliability, Maintainability, Availability (RMA) and testability

·     Common functionality from any console

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