Warfighter Information Network

Tactical (WIN-T)

The Warfighter Information Network - Tactical (WIN-T) is Army XXI's tactical telecommunications system consisting of infrastructure and network components from the maneuver battalion to the theater rear boundary. The WIN-T network provides Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) capabilities that are mobile, secure, survivable, seamless, and capable of supporting multimedia tactical information systems.

The network's capability to support unit task reorganization and real-time re-tasking of battlefield support elements, is a vital enabler for Army 2010 and Beyond operational concepts. The WIN-T network will allow all Army commanders, and other communications network users, at all echelons, to exchange information internal and external to the theater, from wired or wireless telephones, computers (internet-like capability) or from video terminals. Warfighter and signal units employ their organic WIN-T systems to integrate wide and local area battlefield networks into a commercial information technologies-based tactical network.

Information Superiority

WIN-T, in turn, connects all users to each other from theater down to the maneuver battalion, to joint and multinational elements, and the Defense Information System Network (DISN). WIN-T employs a combination of terrestrial, airborne, and satellite-based transport options, to provide robust, redundant connectivity. WIN-T information services help achieve information superiority by providing the necessary communications capabilities such that situational information, collaborative planning, sensor-to-shooter linkages, continuous precision operations and focused logistics can be achieved as required by both Joint Vision 2010 and Army Vision 2010.

WIN-T's infrastructure provides commanders and other users, the ability to communicate via voice, data, and video simultaneously at all levels of security. WIN-T supports the warfighter's requirement for Command and Control (C2) On-the-Move (C2OTM) by integrating the major WIN-T elements into warfighter mobile tactical operations center (TOC) platforms, leveraging the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) wide-band digital radios, and wireless local area network (LAN) technologies. Major components of the WIN-T network infrastructure include switching, routing, transmission media, network management, information assurance (IA), subscriber services and user interfaces to support user multimedia (voice, data, messaging, and video) requirements. WIN-T is supported by a JROC approved Operational Requirements Document (ORD).

(Source: Office of Project Manager - Fort Monmouth, NJ)

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