Lockheed Martin’s Whetstone® system was developed to extend communications to soldiers out of range of conventional networks. It provides satellite communications connectivity and can support anything from small unit missions to a brigade combat team’s command post requirements.


  • Push terabytes of broadband data – such as satellite imagery, mission command data, and full motion video feeds – down to company level units that lack wideband communications.
  • Backwards compatible and can equip or supplement vehicles that have communications links to other networks for data and voice, such as UHF/VHF Line of Sight, Enhanced Position Location Reporting System, Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System.
  • Completely scalable, this platform agnostic network server can be configured for most combat and tactical vehicles. Depending on the mission, the system can be removed from one platform and integrated into another in less than one hour.
  • Whetstone® easily supports operations at the “tactical edge,” or squad level with a commitment to economy of cost, space, and weight to enable better maneuverability without sacrificing network functionality.

Development and Validation

Developed under Lockheed Martin internal research and development, Whetstone® has been tested in various operational environments to assess its suitability, survivability and effectiveness. The system has been successfully integrated with multiple existing military communications platforms and 4G cellular base stations in several field exercises.

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