Engineering Design Support Database (DSD)

DSD Core Parts Vol 6 Access Instructions:

To get access to the LM Engineering Preferred Parts Handbook (Preferred/Suitable substitute parts) follow these Instructions:

DESIGN SUPPORT DATABASE-PARTS (DSD – formerly Preferred Parts Handbook)

The DSD–Parts database is a compilation of the Engineering requirements for the purchasing of all standard component parts used for Lockheed Martin Programs: AMMM (C-130, C-27, C-5, P-3, S-3) and F-22.

Log on to the external DSD-Parts database here:


Access to DSD-Parts is a two-step procedure.


Copy and paste the list below to an email adding the information requested and send to:

1. Company name and complete address
2. Requestor’s first and last name
3. Email address
4. Telephone number
5. Cage Code
6. Program (C-130, C-27, C-5, P-3, S-3 and F-22
7. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics buyer (N/A)
8. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics supplied Seller Code (N/A)
9. User id (choose and provide a 7 Character Alpha/Numeric User ID starting with “C” for AMMM Core Programs or “F” for the F-22 Program)


An EMAP/DSD site specific Proprietary Information Agreement (PIA) is required for access approval. Each individual requesting access to the EMAP or DSD-Parts sites must complete and sign this PIA.

See attachments for the PIA documents. Email the complete documents and request to Atul Kumbhani

For questions contact the Systems Administrator Atul Kumbhani.

Completion of PIA