Vendor Invoice Processing is an electronic invoicing system used by all business areas of Lockheed Martin. It provides domestic and international Lockheed Martin labor subcontractors and contractors with a unique invoicing tool.


Who should I contact with VIP issues or questions?

Your program Lockheed Martin VIP point of contact. Sign on to VIP, the top right of screen is a "Contacts" link. Click that link and you will find all of your POC contacts phone numbers and email addresses. DO NOT OPEN up a Helpdesk ticket for any VIP type of questions. Exostar issues are to be directed to the Exostar Helpdesk.


How often will I be required to change my password in Exostar?

180 days


What are the hours for the Exostar Help Desk?

3:00 AM - 9:00 PM Eastern time, Monday through Friday.


Can the supplier change their Exostar password prior to it expiring? Is there a password change screen that will allow then to change it at any time?

Yes, the Supplier can update password and other user information under the Exostar Managed Access Gateway under the My Account tab.


Is there a way to change the profile information (name, phone number, etc.) in Exostar?

Yes, the Supplier can update profile information under the Exostar Managed Access Gateway under the My Account tab.


In VIP can hours be entered in less than half hour increments?

Yes, hours can be keyed in as smaller increments as follows: .0 = 1 to 5 minutes; .1 = 6 to 11 minutes; .2 = 12 to 17 minutes; .3 = 18 to 23 minutes; .4 = 24 to 29 minutes; .5 = 30 to 35 minutes; .6 = 36 to 41 minutes; .7 = 42 to 47 minutes; .8 = 48 to 53 minutes; .9 = 54 to 59 minutes.                                                     

Aeronautics contract users should follow this chart: .0 = 1 to 2 minutes; .1 = 3 to 8 minutes; .2 = 9 to 14 minutes; .3 = 15 to 20 minutes; .4 = 21 to 26; .5 = 27 to 32; .6 = 33 to 38; .7 = 39 to 44; .8 = 45 to 50; .9 = 51 to 56;


What is the general policy on "No claims" submissions…do we need to have them submitted or can we just not submit a time sheet for that week?

A "No Claim" is not required. However, some business organizations/programs will require the claimer to submit a "No Claim" for accurate recordkeeping. It is an aid we created for the approver to know when all the people they are responsible for have been accounted for. The bottom half of the approver screen displays current week Missing and Working claims. The original idea was an approver would know when everyone is 'done' when the bottom portion of this screen was empty. The Approver role has also been given the capability of utilizing the "No Claims" button if the Labor Claimer or DE role does not submit a "No Claim" aka a "Void" status claim.


A supplier employee has left the company and has not submitted their claims.  How do we get the hours submitted?

This is a perfect situation for the temporary use of the Data Entry function. The Supplier's Exostar Org Admin must add the Data Entry person to Exostar. Request that the Supplier POC submit an email requesting the temporary activation of the function. Have them provide the name, Exostar userid, email, and phone of the dedicated DE person. The LM VIP POC will grant them VIP access in the SSO Gateway and assign them to the employee in questioned. The DE person can enter the missing hours and submit them for approval. Once this is done, the LM VIP POC will remove the DE person.


Can a supplier have multiple Primary Approvers and Alternate Approvers against one Purchase Order?

Yes, more than one primary approver and alternate approver can be identified per PO. However, each billing account can only have one primary approver and one alternate approver.  Be aware that the approver can only see, via claims detail report, those billing accounts that he/she is responsible for. This means that in a staff of 20 with 2 approvers, approver 1 can only see his half of the staff not the entire group. To allow both approvers to see the entire staffs claims, make approver 2 the alternate to approver 1 and visa-versa on approver 1.


Can a supplier who has one purchase order number have multiple personnel entering miscellaneous claims?

Yes. The supplier can also identify a data entry person so that two supplier personnel are able to enter claims on the same miscellaneous billing account.


Can miscellaneous/ODC charges be uploaded to the VIP site?

VIP does not support any type of data uploading features like XML. Manual entry of transactions is currently the only means allowed.


Can suppliers opt out of the SIR role?

Yes, but the Lockheed Martin program POC will then be responsible for running the weekly invoice report and providing it to their suppliers. Lockheed Martin VIP Admin (VIP Coordinator role) will no longer be responsible for this task.


How do you account for vacations?

Remember, VIP is an invoicing system...not a timekeeping system. Personal vacation is not entered in VIP, only contract labor hours. When a person does go on vacation, the labor approver should go to the Approvals screen and access Working and Current Week Missing Claims listing, select the claims for the employee who is on vacation.  When the labor claim screen is displayed, click on the No Claims button which will void the transaction. In this way, the transaction will never appear on the Claim Detail report as being in a working state.


How do you correct a MISC claim that has been processed?

Unlike labor claims that can be adjusted after they have been processed, Misc claims can only be adjusted while they are in Working, Submitted, Approved or LM Approved status. Once the MISC claim is processed, it is no longer available to the biller. To correct the claim/invoice, the method to use is to create a new miscellaneous invoice. If correcting a charge number or line item as an example, have the biller submit a negative claim for the same charge number or line item that matches the original Miscellaneous Invoice content - Billing period end date, comments, detail descriptions, etc, but the dollar value is negative (ex: -200.00). However offset it with a positive dollar value inputting the new corrected charge number or line item, resulting in a zero dollar invoice.


How far back can a supplier go to correct hours in VIP for a labor invoice?

Three years


If a biller enters a VOID for a labor claim, then later realizes that he actually worked and has to enter hours, can the VOID labor claim be overwritten with charges and submitted?

Yes, the claim can be entered and submitted as long as it is within the current three year period.


If a supplier has one Employee on two separate Purchase Orders, does that one Employee need two Billing Account IDs?

Yes, the employee needs two different Billing Account IDs because a billing account can only be associated with only one PO. The same thing applies to a MISC biller. However, this individual only needs one Exostar userid.


If a Aeronautics supplier is already set up in Apollo for EFT, do they need to do it again when transitioning to VIP?

No. The form is provided for those suppliers who have not yet set up Apollo for EFT. However, if an EFT does exist, please provide the EFT account number on the PO form. Note that if the EFT account number changes at anytime, the supplier must submit a new form to update their EFT info.


If an employee misses the VIP cutoff, can hours be entered during the weekend?

Yes. Invoices that are sent to the applicable AP system depending on the business organization or program, the cut-off is 5pm ET Friday, 5am & 9am ET Saturday, or 9pm ET Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday. However, any claims approved after the weekly cutoff will be submitted to the AP system for the next labor run.


If it is known in advance, how do we get labor claims approved if both the Primary Approver and Alternate Approver are not available on Friday?

There are two options and this answer is only applicable to those who have a cut-off on Friday or Saturday: (1) have the supplier POC identify another approver or alternate who preferably has an Exostar userid and substitute them for the primary approver or (2) have the approvers approve on Monday of the following week and accept the one week billing lag.


If the Misc Approver is unable to approve charges, will the Alternate Misc Approver have the capability to automatically approve misc. invoices? Or does the primary misc approver's account need to be set inactive?

Yes. Either one can approve the charges submitted by the MISCELLANEOUS billing account owner. The

Primary Approver role does not have to be deactivated in the Miscellaneous Account. For the Alt MISC Approver to approve the charges, he/she accesses VIP, selects Approval from menu, pulls down the Approve For listing, selects the Primary Approvers Name from the dropdown , and gets the same approval records the primary approver would get for approving.


If the supplier has more than one PO, does VIP cut a check for each PO or are they combined in a check?

VIP does not cut a check. The AP system will review all invoices to be paid to a supplier and make one payment, combining both invoices and POs, if necessary.


Is it mandatory to approve the hours by the VIP cutoff (specifically on Friday for MARS processing) if our company wants to verify the hours against the company’s labor tracking system?

It is understandable if company policies do not allow for estimating of hours. You can choose to delay submitting/approving claims to allow for organization cut-off rules; however, those agreed-upon schedules should be negotiated under the subcontract. **Many programs require claims to be submitted on a weekly basis and not in arrears in support of the EVMS reporting to our customer.**


My vendor is trying to fix a miscellaneous submission and cannot seem to go back two months... any suggestions?

They cannot correct a miscellaneous claim. They will need to submit a new claim with the adjustment.


Should there be any reason why someone could not zero out a line item on a previous submitted labor invoice/claim for a correction?

If the week is to be entirely zero hours, then a VOID claim needs to be processed. If the supplier is reversing hours from a previously submitted claim that has been paid in the AP system, they would process a complete reversal.


What day of the week will Net 45 be exercised, in other words, when should the subcontractors receive their payment? Is it the Monday after Friday submittal?

All Net periods begin once the transactions are received into P2P AP on Friday and are scheduled for payment based on the Net period. Transaction approved by the subs on Monday will not be processed until Friday which is when the Net period begins.


What does a vendor need to supply to use the Data Entry function?

To activate a sub to utilize the Data Entry function the subcontractor must provide the following: A letter on corporate letterhead requesting that the DE function be implemented for their company. A justification for why the function is needed. The name, email, and phone of the data entry person. Optionally: the names of the labor biller if the function is not going to be implement across the entire subs labor base.  NOTE:  In lieu of sending a separate request, they can complete the authorization on the New User Setup worksheet.

The subcontractor must be notified that the DE person can not be a labor approver, prime or alternate, or a labor biller and data entry on the same billing account. A person can be a DE on other billing accounts within the same contract.


When setting up one Supplier employee with both Labor and Misc types, do they need two separate billing account numbers?

Yes, two billing account numbers are required. Also, the account type is different. However, a supplier POC or manager is typically the owner of the Misc billing account.


When the Supplier approves all invoices for labor payment on a given week, how soon is payment made to Supplier? If it is once a week, is it on a specific day?

Payments are based on their NET period and not on any specific day or week. NET 30 or NET 45 are standard payment schedules. Each contract is different. The period starts after the transactions are transferred to our P2P A/P system on the respective A/P cutoff (Friday 4 PM ET for Apollo- also see Question #19 answer for additional cut-off times; Tuesday 9 PM ET for SAP) and not when the Supplier Approver approves them which could be on a Monday.


Why can't the same person do data entry and claims approvals?

DCAA in their audit recommendations advocated for a separation of duties that would provide better accountability. In addition the editing rules of the system prevent one from entering the DE and Approver as the same person.


Why were all the charge codes that a biller has previously entered deleted from all drop down menus?

Periodically, a batch process clears the charge number buffers from the VIP system. This eliminates old charge codes that are no longer used but forces labor billers to reenter their current charge number. Once the charge number is reentered it will appear in the drop down box until the next batch process is run.


How does Supplier user info (name, email, etc.) get changed in the Active Directory?

The data should flow over from Exostar on a daily basis. However, if the automatic change does not occur, the request must be submitted to the Exostar Helpdesk as the first option or P2P Helpdesk.


If a Supplier is already set up in P2P for EFT, do they need to do it again when transitioning to VIP.

No. EFT is associated to the LM Corp ID associated to the user’s DUNS # in P2P. If the EFT account number changes, the supplier must submit a new form (available in LMP2P) to update their EFT info. They also need to update their company’s profile in Exostar with the new bank account information.

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