Managing Risks in the Supply Chain

Sep. 28, 2016 --


Cybersecurity attacks continue to increase in frequency and sophistication for the aerospace and defense industries. Adversaries are targeting anyone who possesses sensitive information including the government, prime contractors, and suppliers. It is imperative that our suppliers understand what’s at
stake and recognize our shared role in protecting sensitive information and intellectual property.


The Lockheed Martin Approach

  • Understanding the cybersecurity posture of our suppliers
  • Building awareness of the threat within our supply chain community
  • Working with our suppliers to ensure that the appropriate risk mitigations are in place to protect sensitive information


What Suppliers Can Do

  • Understand the cyber threat to sensitive information
  • Create a Cyber Risk Management Program
  • Complete the Supplier Cybersecurity Questionnaire
  • Identify and manage cybersecurity risks


Supplier Cybersecurity Questionnaire

Lockheed Martin has developed a Supplier Cybersecurity Questionnaire to provide an initial  indication of cybersecurity readiness. We ask that all suppliers with whom we share sensitive information complete and maintain the questionnaire in their Exostar profile. It includes a series of questions that will help us better understand your cybersecurity readiness and manage risks
associated with sharing sensitive information. As your cybersecurity capabilities evolve, please make sure you update the questionnaire.


Complete and Maintain the Questionnaire

  • Go to and log in
  • Click on the My Account tab
  • Click on View Organization Details
  • Click on View in Trading Partner Manager (TPM) (Must have Organization Administrator rights to access TPM; see the Organization Administrator section of the View Organization Details page)
  • Click Continue if prompted
  • Click on Cybersecurity on the menu at left