Small Business Strong: Importance of Supplier Diversity

March 20, 2017 -- As the global leader in the aerospace and defense industry, our ability to sustain and enhance supplier diversity helps us expand opportunity, strengthens our supply chain, and ensures we can deliver the quality products our customers rely on. This strategic commitment also helps us meet our goal to be “Small Business Strong.”

Lockheed Martin is committed to a diverse and inclusive supplier base that enhances competitive discriminators, creates economic growth and reflects corporate diversity goals and principles. With over 16,000 active suppliers, small business represents over 61% of our company’s supply base.

Small Business is a Source of Strength

  • Lockheed Martin was one of the first companies to join the Small Business Administration’s Supplier Pay Initiative – paying small businesses on an accelerated schedule since 2014.
  • Engaged with suppliers thru over 139 small business conferences in 2016, including 15 hosted Lockheed Martin supplier events and educational Supplier Wire webinars.
  • Recently introduced the new Supplier Training Excellence Program (STEP), a virtual collection of educational and learning resources designed to help small enterprises navigate and succeed.
  • Served on 44 local and national small business-related affiliation boards and gave $467K in sponsorships and memberships with small business focused affiliations and programs.

You are critical to our company’s, and our customer’s, success. Now that you know a little more about our commitment to Small Business Strong, we hope you take the opportunity to leverage the following resources.

  • Monitor and/or subscribe to the Immediate Needs Bulletin Board. The Lockheed Martin Immediate Needs Bulletin Board is used to post unique procurement needs. If your firm matches a need, be sure to follow the instructions for consideration.
    Visit the Immediate Needs Bulletin Board and subscribe here.

  • Meet influencers. Lockheed Martin small business professionals and other procurement specialists attend many outreach events throughout the year. These representatives can serve as your advocate and mentor for marketing your company to internal programs that may require your company capabilities. Visit the events calendar.

  • Subscribe to the Lockheed Martin Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program directory. Each time the government releases SBIR solicitation topics, Lockheed Martin establishes a directory that contains all the topics, brief descriptions and Lockheed Martin point of contacts. The purpose of this directory is to help connect small business companies with the appropriate Lockheed Martin technical point of contacts to explore opportunities for partnership and innovation. Subscribe here and visit the Lockheed Martin SBIR section of the website.  

For further information, email us here.