Apr. 20, 2017 -- Sustainability is a vital component of our business strategy that drives responsible, profitable growth to increase shareholder value and deliver mission and economic success to customers, employees, suppliers and communities we work and live in. Our 2016 Sustainability Report, “Science of Citizenship,” details how we are making progress against our newest cycle of Sustainability Management Plan goals and our five newly-evolved core areas: business integrity, employee wellbeing, product impact, information security and resource efficiency.

The Business Integrity and Product Impact sections of the report detail our efforts to:

  • Support our suppliers to strengthen management and disclosure on ethical, labor, human rights and environmental issues;
  • Prevent abusive labor practices and violations of civil liberties in business operations and supply chain in a manner consistent with internationally recognized standards;
  • Prevent counterfeit parts from entering the company’s supply chain and potentially affecting product quality, safety and performance.

In our report we explain how these efforts not only help us become better partners to our suppliers, they also make us a more sustainable company.

As a global defense and aerospace company, our products and technological solutions enable our customers to protect and facilitate resilient and thriving societies. To meet the demands of our government and commercial customers, we rely on our suppliers to help us deliver innovative, scalable solutions to the world’s most complex problems. Addressing global challenges, today and in the future, is our shared opportunity to provide value to society.