Chemical Declaration Standard Published for Aerospace and Defense Products

June 22, 2018 --

Announced in a recent press release, the IPC-1754 announced by IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) and International Aerospace Environmental Group (IAEG) has set a voluntary standard that will be in support of the aerospace and defense industry as they comply with chemical regulations like that of the European Union’s REACH program. If you are not familiar with IAEG, you can watch the IAEG About Us video. Visit the IAEG website for more information.

Lockheed Martin is invested in the adoption of the IPC-1754 standard and the supply chain engagement necessary for the standard to be successful. We want our suppliers to be aware that this was developed by the aerospace and defense industry and is aimed at creating efficiencies for chemical declarations across the supply chain. For further inquiries in relation to the adoption of this new standard at Lockheed Martin, please contact: Ashley Rubinsky.