Fraudulent Email Activity

December 2018 --

Phishing is the criminally-focused act of creating or distributing fraudulent emails containing malicious web links or attachments whose purpose is to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information (e.g., login credentials, passwords, bank account or credit card information, Social Security numbers or other Personally Identifiable Information). These emails commonly attempt to spoof legitimate businesses by copying imagery and other information in their communications.

Although a persistent threat, an increased number of fraudulent emails were recently reported from unknown actors. While Lockheed Martin and its trusted information remains secure it serves as a reminder to remain vigilant.

A critical part of delivering mission success to our programs and customers is managing and mitigating cyber risks. To do this, Lockheed Martin in partnership with our peer Aerospace and Defense industry companies have established several mechanisms to identify cybersecurity readiness. Our acquisition procedures now require the assessment of supplier cybersecurity risks which will be an integral part of the buying decision. While Aerospace and Defense primes understand that improving our supply chain cybersecurity posture will require ongoing effort, it is essential that all suppliers take steps now to improve and continuously assess their posture. More information is available on the Lockheed Martin Cybersecurity webpage. Additionally, companies can gain further information and insights into cyber security threats, risks and best practices by joining the National Defense ISAC.

If you are unsure about the authenticity of any email related to business with Lockheed Martin, please contact your Procurement Representative.