Ethics Resources for Suppliers

March 30, 2018 --

Do you ever wish you had better insight into what’s happening in the different corners of your company at any given moment? Do worries about a missed delivery, quality escape or employee lawsuit keep you up at night? Sounds like you could use an effective ethics program!

An effective ethics program, as defined in FAR 52.203-13 and other laws and regulations, can help your company develop a culture in which employees feel empowered to speak up – so you can address any issues before they negatively impact your business.    

This is why the Ethics Statement in all Lockheed Martin purchase orders “encourages all suppliers to implement an effective ethics program, including adopting a written code of conduct.” But fear not! We provide a variety of free resources to help you meet our expectations and comply with your legal requirements.

Start by assessing your current ethics program using the Supplier Self-Assessment Tool on Ethics Resources for Suppliers page. Then follow the simple steps in our infographic guides on each element of an effective ethics program to fill any gaps.

Last but not least, sign up to participate in one, two or all of the free webinars offered by Lockheed Martin and the Defense Industry Initiative on Business Ethics and Conduct (DII) to get tips and ask questions on how to set up or improve your ethics program.

  • Why You Need a Formal Ethics Program and How to Get Started Today
  • Setting Up an Effective Ethics Program
  • Developing Policies, Procedures and a Code of Conduct to Mitigate Risk
  • Training and Communicating on Ethics, and Assessing Your Ethics Program
  • Enabling Employees to Speak Up and Addressing Issues Raised

Have you developed a code of conduct? Do you train or communicate with your employees on ethics and compliance topics? We’d love to feature your small business! Interested?