Changes Coming to Lockheed Martin Solicitations and Purchase Orders

June 22, 2018 --

To ensure we are compliant with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) associated with proper assignment of NAICS Codes and size standards (FAR 52.219-9) and 13 CFR 121.402(a), changes are being made to the way Lockheed Martin issues solicitations and purchase orders.

FAR 52.219-9 requires for prime contractors to “assign each subcontract the NAICS code and corresponding size standard that best describes the principal purpose of the subcontract.” In addition, 13 CFR 121.402(a) requires that a “concern must not exceed the size standard for the NAICS code specified in the solicitation” (to be counted as a small business).

Our solicitation, quotation and proposal process will include the NAICS code for the procurement we are purchasing and will also include the SBA size standard for that NAICS code. When responding to the solicitation, please review your Exostar Trading Partner Manager (TPM) organization profile and if the solicited NAICS code is not included, please consider including it, along with your company’s size according to SBA Size Standards. In order for Lockheed Martin to count a supplier as a small business, the NAICS code and size must also be in their Exostar TPM profile.

Please update all your company’s NAICS codes and self-certify to the size for each one. When you enter a NAICS code in your profile, the corresponding size standard will appear. This will help you in identifying what your company’s size is for that code. Each time you receive a solicitation, quotation or proposal from us, you will need to self-certify to the NAICS code.

Suppliers who are Wholesale or Retail traders will be required to use the applicable manufacturing NAICS code. Per 13 CFR 121.402, “acquisitions for supplies must be classified under the appropriate manufacturing NAICS code, not under a Wholesale Trade or Retail Trade NAICS Code." SBA states that “when a company selects a manufacturer NAICS, it is declaring that it provides a manufactured product, not necessarily declaring that it is the manufacturer." The Exostar TPM system will not allow you to enter a NAICS code that begins with 42, 44 or 45.

Visit the Supplier Training Excellence Program training section to sign-up for either NAICS webinar session in June or July. The webinar training sessions are free and available for all suppliers.

To access your Exostar TPM profile your Organization Administrator must logon to the Exostar Managed Access Gateway (MAG) portal system with a two-factor authentication credential.

 Navigate to TPM as follows:

  • Select My Account tab
  • Select View Organization Details tab
  • Click View in Trading Partner Management/Manager (TPM) link to open the application