NAICS Codes Reminder

Effective October 1, 2018 Lockheed Martin will include NAICS Codes on all Solicitations and Purchase Orders

September 25, 2018 --

As GFY2019 approaches, Lockheed Martin is preparing to change the way solicitations and purchase orders are issued. To be compliant with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Lockheed Martin will include the NAICS code that applies to the procurement, along with SBA’s size standard for that NAICS code, on all solicitations and purchase orders.

When responding to the solicitation, review the NAICS code that is listed, and determine if you can work in that NAICS code and are planning to submit a bid. If so, please review your Exostar Trading Partner Manager (TPM) profile, and if the NAICS code that is being solicited is not in your profile, please consider adding it. A supplier must have an active small business profile for the NAICS being procured, for Lockheed Martin to receive small business credit.

Suppliers who are Wholesale or Retail traders will be required to use the applicable manufacturing NAICS code. Per 13 CFR 121.402, “acquisitions for supplies must be classified under the appropriate manufacturing NAICS code, not under a Wholesale Trade or Retail Trade NAICS Code." SBA states that “when a company selects a manufacturer NAICS, it is declaring that it provides a manufactured product, not necessarily declaring that it is the manufacturer."

Lockheed Martin will not procure any products or services that have NAICS codes starting with 42, 44, or 45 and the Exostar TPM system will not allow you to enter these NAICS codes in your profile.

To access your Exostar TPM profile your Organization Administrator must logon to the Exostar Managed Access Gateway (MAG) portal system with a two-factor authentication credential.

 Navigate to TPM as follows:

  • Select 'My Account' tab
  • Select 'View Organization Details' tab
  • Click 'View in Trading Partner Management/Manager (TPM)' link to open the application