Small Business Suppliers Learn Cyber Defense

March 2019 --

In the first quarter of 2019, 270 small business defense industry suppliers, were invited into Lockheed Martin facilities to attend three hours of training on a variety of cyber topics – from compliance with Department of Defense (DOD) regulations and standards to mitigating risks; from developing company cyber policies to training employees to reporting cyber incidents…and so much more.

Why is it Important?
In the 2018 State of SMB Cybersecurity Report, the Ponemon Institute found 47% of SMBs say they have no understanding of how to protect their companies from cyberattacks. “We know that our cyber adversaries are very aware of this vulnerability. Lockheed Martin has called upon cybersecurity experts in every business area to share what they know and provide small defense suppliers with easy to understand guidance on how to safeguard data and achieve security control compliance required by Defense Industrial Base and U.S. DOD. We hope that it will empower suppliers to control and protect their business’s data and address their business’s specific needs.“  

A total of 11 training sessions are planned this year. The first three events have been very well attended by local small business owners that were invited by the Lockheed Martin Supplier Diversity Program because they had either limited cybersecurity knowledge or needed validation they were on the right path on this ever-changing and critical topic for Lockheed Martin and our customers. Eight more sessions are scheduled this year at locations around the corporation.

Securing the Defense Industrial Base supply chain against cyber attacks is one of the DOD's highest priorities. Supply Chain Cybersecurity Academy is not only critical to help Lockheed Martin's performance, but it is just one of the many ways we partner and work with small businesses to enable their success performing on DOD programs.

What does every supplier need to know about cybersecurity and doing business with Lockheed Martin?
Lockheed Martin works with and sets expectations for all our suppliers to protect sensitive information that we are entrusted with by our customers. It is imperative for every business to understand and implement basic information security needs to prevent the most basic and automated of attacks. Once addressed, a proactive approach to security will keep the business and its customer information secure and avoid being a low hanging fruit that is easy for an attacker to reach.

If you are interested in future sessions, please contact us.