Encouraged Use of ENERGY STAR®

September 2019 --

In 2019, the ENERGY STAR program named Lockheed Martin ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year. The distinction was awarded thanks to our robust energy management program that avoided $29 million in energy and water costs in 2018 compared to 2010. Since this time, we have lowered energy and water use by 22 percent and carbon emissions by 36 percent.  

Partnering with ENERGY STAR allows us to learn and share best practices with experts and peer companies and provides tools to help us achieve our Go Green goals. As a Lockheed Martin supplier, we ask you to assess (see, What Can Suppliers Do) your company’s alignment with these goals and to establish a company-wide baseline for carbon emissions, facility energy and water use, and waste to landfill.

To get started and/or to implement a successful program, we encourage you to benefit from any and all of these ENERGY STAR resources, as we have:

  1. Guidelines for Energy Management – A step-by-step road map to launch a strategic energy management program and make continuous improvement, developed from best practices from thousands of organizations.
  2. ENERGY STAR Treasure Hunts: A How-to-Guide for Industrial Plants – Detailed instructions, examples and planning and preparation checklists to gather a team to find no and low-cost energy saving measures.
  3. ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry – A global call-to-action for industrial sites to reduce their energy intensity by 10 percent within 5 years and earn special recognition.
  4. ENERGY STAR Certification – Benchmarking your offices, datacenters and warehouses and seek recognition for high performing buildings.
Suppliers who utilize these resources demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship and support Lockheed Martin’s sustainable supply chain objective. If you are using or plan to use any of these or other ENERGY STAR resources, please let us know using the button below.