COVID-19: CARES 3610 Impact Solicitation

December 2020 --

If you are a supplier to Lockheed Martin and believe that you have reimbursable costs eligible under the CARES Act 3610 for the period of performance between 27 March 2020 through 11 December 2020, that are associated with Lockheed Martin contracts, please notify us using the button below by December 16. In your notification, please include your LM ID or Exostar ID, description of impact that aligns to CARES eligibility that is traceable to prime contract(s). After you notify us, and an internal verification is conducted, you will be added to the list of suppliers who will receive a Request for Proposal (RFP) in January to submit actual costs. If you are a supplier who was previously contacted for a COVID-19 ROM, no additional action is needed at this time, you will automatically receive the RFP.

CARES 3610 Resources

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Defense Pricing and Contracting Website

This notification does not result in any changes to the contractual requirements, nor does it constitute determination on the entitlement to any additional costs at this time. Impacts due to an excusable delay are not necessarily reimbursable under the terms of affected contracts. Depending upon the availability of funds and other potential conditions, Lockheed Martin’s customers have indicated that they may be willing to reimburse contractors and subcontractors for certain costs under the CARES Act 3610. It is possible that customers may not fund CARES Act 3610 claims and Lockheed Martin may choose not to pursue such claims.