Energy Usage Baseline

December 2020 --

Measuring What Matters for Energy Usage

How many times have you heard “you can’t manage what you don’t measure?” Are you measuring your energy usage? Saving energy begins with a clear understanding of how much you are currently using. While this may conjure images of potentially costly projects that install meters and submeters at a facility, there are much less involved and effective ways to establish an energy usage baseline. In many cases, a representative baseline can be generated in a short period of time by simply gathering your monthly utility bills (don’t forget to include your gas bills!) and pulling the monthly usage data into a spreadsheet (who doesn’t love a good spreadsheet!?) This can typically be done in a matter of hours, and the accumulated data can then be used to target energy efficiency efforts where opportunities appear to be the greatest, and your modest investment in time can be repaid many times over. You may even be able to take the analysis a step further by contacting your utility provider directly and requesting interval usage data that can be used to help cut peak demand charges. In many cases this data is available from the utility provider free of charge, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Hopefully these simple actions can accelerate your journey into an energy efficient future! To learn more about establishing an energy usage baseline, contact us using the button below or see the ENERGY STAR Guidelines.