New Supplier Ethics Minicourses

September 2020 --

Welcome to the new Lockheed Martin Supplier Ethics Minicourses!

For several years Lockheed Martin has been hosting a semi-annual five-part webinar series on “Setting up an Effective Ethics Program.”

This program has helped hundreds of Lockheed Martin suppliers create or enhance their ethics programs. The supplier ethics program has grown internationally and is now available to any company that would like to improve their ethics program.

Given unique schedules and different learning styles we are now making it even easier to participate.

The core content of the elements of an effective ethics program is now presented in 12 short courses available to be taken at any time, launched from our Supplier Ethics. These short minicourses introduce you to the 12 elements of an effective ethics program, as defined by various laws, guidelines, and standards. In each minicourse Lockheed Martin Ethics Officers walk through the setup and implementation of each element of an effective ethics program, presenting small business case studies where applicable and citing useful free resources.

Visit the revamped Supplier Ethics page to find the Ethics Minicourses and the other free resources available throughout the site. “Why You Need an Ethics Program” introduces what an ethics program is, why your company needs one, and how to navigate the 12-part minicourse series. Begin with “Why You Need an Ethics Program” and register your information to start the video. After watching the introduction, click on the elements and register to watch free and relevant minicourses at whatever time is convenient for you!

Once you complete all 12 minicourses, participants are awarded with a Lockheed Martin Supplier Ethics Completion Certificate signed by the Vice President of Ethics and Business Conduct.

Or, perhaps you want to work directly with one of our ethics officers. We are happy to connect your company with an experienced Ethics Officer to be part of one-on-one Supplier Ethics Mentoring. The flexible one-on-one Supplier Ethics Mentoring Program takes roughly four months to complete and provides companies with the opportunity to focus on their company’s specific needs in depth to ensure their ethics program aligns with their company’s values and mission.

If you are interested, please contact us and we will connect you with an available ethics officer.