New Supplier Scorecard Launching June 29


June 18, 2020 --

As a supplier, it is critical that you understand the new Supplier Scorecard going live on June 29. The new scorecard displays a simplified and unified view. Below are key information and resources to help you prepare for the change.

What is Supplier Scorecard?

Beginning June 29, 2020, Supplier Scorecard will be Lockheed Martin's enterprise supplier performance evaluation methodology, aligning Lockheed Martin and suppliers under a standard methodology with simplified, concise calculations. Take note, Supplier Scorecard replaces past supplier evaluation iterations such as LMP2P Supplier Report Card.

How is this different from the scorecard I use today?

Supplier Scorecard simplifies current supplier evaluation and promotes easier to understand results and transparency into supplier performance. To understand the key differences, view the Supplier Scorecard below (2MB file.)

How can I contribute to a successful go-live?

As a supplier, we encourage you to become familiar with the Supplier Scorecard by leveraging the resources referenced in this article. It is also important that you share this information with other members of your organization who support Lockheed Martin.

Additional Supplier Scorecard Resources

  • Utilize the Supplier Scorecard in-depth step-by-step supplier user guide.
  • View the "How it works" video overview and introduction.
  • Contact your Lockheed Martin procurement representative with questions and feedback.