Supplier Scorecard Update

Supplier Scorecard Update

January 18, 2021

January 2021 --

Lockheed Martin's supplier performance evaluation scorecard was recently updated. With this new enhancement, if you do not have reporting data for one of the months in the Monthly Rating, it will show as a blank cell, avoiding negatively impacting your overall 6- and 12-month average scores.

Update Highlights Include:

  • New logic referred to as “No Rating” has been introduced within the Supplier Scorecard. When no quality impacts are found and/or no goods receipts are found in the past 12 months, these months will now display as blank values within the Scorecard.
  • Depending on the Supplier Scorecard queries being performed (Supplier, Controlling Area, Plant/Program), these blank rating months and corresponding dips will be reflected within linear graphs accordingly.

Check out the updated Supplier Scorecard Guide below for more detailed information – Quality & Delivery rating formulas, accessing the Supplier Scorecard, and navigating screens.