Focus on Timely Delivery of Every Part

Anillo Industries, small business, specializing in washer manufacturing

Anillo Industries prides itself of being able to do most of its own processing from start to completion. By having so much control in the majority of the supply chain lifecycle, the firm understands the importance of on-time delivery, every time. “The impact for Lockheed Martin can be very serious and costly when expectations from a supplier are not met. The lack of just one part can affect an assembly line and the importance of an expedited a part,” says Diana Nunez, Customer Service representative for Anillo Industries. “This is just one example of how much more important it is that Lockheed Martin’s supplier expectations are met.”

With its proven track record reliable parts delivery, Anillo landed a long-term agreement with Lockheed Martin, which expanded its customer base with other business areas. “We are able to successfully fulfill Lockheed Martin’s needs by stocking raw materials and processing mostly in-house, and working as a cohesive team.”