Long-Standing Performance Broadens Opportunities

Concurrent Real-Time, small business, specializing in RedHawk™ Real-Time Linux® operating system, commercial-off-the-shelf systems, development tools, custom hardware and services

Concurrent Real-Time specializes in custom computer hardware and software services and began doing business in the government marketplace in 1966. Not long after entering the marketplace, Concurrent Real-Time became a supplier to Martin Marietta and Loral and has since become a strategic supplier partner for more than four decades supporting over 30 programs.

Ken Jackson, vice president, Concurrent Real-Time, tells small businesses wanting to sustain a long-term relationship with a customer that to deliver quality products and services, you should focus on timely delivery. Most importantly, he says, “Listen to customer needs and be able to develop custom solutions to meet or exceed their expectations.”

In 2006, Concurrent Real-Time was honored with the Lockheed Martin STAR Supplier Award for achieving outstanding performance rankings in all products provided to Lockheed Martin. This recognition enabled Concurrent Real-Time to garner recognition from contractors as well as other Lockheed Martin operations and increase its stature in the industry and among other government programs.