Have a Game Plan Ready before Contacting a Prime Contractor

Fulcrum Vets, LLC, service disabled veteran-owned small business that specializes in IT Services

On average, it takes up to a year and a half for a new business to land a contract with Lockheed Martin; but for Fulcrum Vets, LLC, it took less than a year. The firm attributes its success to strategic marketing, a well crafted game plan and persistence.

“We developed a detailed call plan, which was focused on the business area we were most interested in pursuing,” said Gene Walker, President, Fulcrum Vets. “We introduced ourselves to the targeted Lockheed Martin leaders and demonstrated value-added services we could bring to their team.” Once the relationships were established, Fulcrum Vets worked with subcontract administrators and requested to be added as a supplier to the program. “We were able to begin offering resources to the program. Once our resources were selected, we were awarded a T&M IDIQ contract.”

Since landing its first contract, Fulcrum Vets has been a long-standing Lockheed Martin supplier partner, supports multiple programs across different business areas and was selected as a Mentor-Protégé to Lockheed Martin for both the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Walker’s advice to small businesses looking to do business, “Lockheed Martin is a large company with many great opportunities. Have a ‘Game Plan’ developed when you reach out to Lockheed Martin. Be able to demonstrate what your team can bring to the opportunity. Do your homework to make sure it is something that can benefit both your organization and Lockheed Martin.  And be persistent!”