Consistent High Quality Delivery Helps Secure New Business

Gromelski & Associates, small, woman-owned business specializing in information technology support services

Prior to working with Lockheed Martin, Gromelski & Associates supported several major Government contracts. While supporting these contracts and working with other prime contractors, the firm was able to establish a reputation for delivering high quality solutions and gain proven experience in the defense industry. So when it came time to approach Lockheed Martin to inquire about a partnership on proposal pursuit for the Defense Messaging System (DMS) program, the firm was able to articulate its value through past performance success.

“After we identified a business opportunity for DMS training, we contacted the appropriate Lockheed Martin Program Manager. The initial reaction was positive, and we were invited to submit a proposal,” explains Raymond A. Gromelski, Ph.D., President, Gromelski & Associates. “After a thorough review of our capabilities, we were selected and issued a purchase order.”

The firm quickly demonstrated its high quality performance and has since won a Lockheed Martin STAR Supplier award for achieving 100% quality and 100% delivery. This continued proven success helped lead to more opportunities within Lockheed Martin. “Our credentials were actively distributed across other Lockheed Martin divisions by the program managers, subcontractor administrators and small business advocates,” says Gromelski. “In addition to securing new business in other divisions, our capabilities expanded with existing programs, such as in the case of the DMS program where we were providing system engineering, but awarded a contract to plan and operate the help desk for a 10-year period.”