Listening is Key to Establishing Long-Term Relationships

ISYS Technologies, woman-owned small business engineering and IT services firm that supports multiple Lockheed Martin programs

When it comes to getting your foot in the door to promote your company, it can be difficult to find a helpful representative, especially when you’re working with large corporation. ISYS Technologies, a Lockheed Martin valued partner for more than a decade, was able to open doors by talking to anyone who would listen.  They say, anticipate objections but work to overcome those objections.

“You can’t expect to have one meeting and identify work, you have to invest in a long-term effort, understand the rules, and prove yourself to each person you meet,” says Teresa Porter, President and CEO of ISYS Technologies.

Once relationships were established, ISYS continued to prove its value by “being prepared, knowing the business, identifying specific contracts, mapping capabilities to the company’s needs, taking on challenges and then delivering,” adds Porter. “If you do this your relationship with Lockheed Martin will grow.”