Find a Mentor to Advocate Your Firm

Mid-State Aerospace, Inc., small disadvantaged and women-owned small business, specializing in hardware and hose distributing and fabrication

Prior to doing business with Lockheed Martin, Mid-State Aerospace, Inc., already had an established presence in the defense industry. The firm’s employees had 20 years of combined experience working for other distributors and had strong ties to many industry leaders. So when it came time for Mid-State Aerospace, Inc., to approach Lockheed Martin to do business, its high credentials helped get the firm noticed. But it was finding the right company mentor to help the small business engage with decision makers that ultimately helped land Mid-State Aerospace, Inc., its first purchase order.

“We found a Lockheed Martin mentor in purchasing who became our hero,” says Cleo Brager, owner, Mid-State Aerospace, Inc. “He helped us get to know other buyers that purchased the products we sold. After receiving our mentor, a few months later we started getting quotations and shortly after, orders.”

Knowledge of the industry, experience and persistence are the attributes Brager claims led to the success of this partnership. But what differentiates the firm from its competitors, according to Brager, is that his company “stands behind the products we provide and the work that we do. We diversify in the products we offer.”