Cater to Defense Industry through Niche Services and Conforming to Tight Requirements

Texas Nameplate Company, Inc., small, privately held family business that manufactures high quality nameplates and identification tags

Texas Nameplate Company, Inc., has been successfully worked in the defense industry since the 1950s, and started out as a supplier to Lockheed Martin through the acquisition of General Dynamics. Texas Nameplate Company has maintained its reputation as a proven supplier to Lockheed Martin for more than 50 years and attributes its success to offering a niche service, but also for “conforming to the tight requirements related to material, processes and suppliers,” says Bob Mantle, Sales Manager, Texas Nameplate Company.

In 1992, Texas Nameplate Company completed the implementation of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and gained certification by General Dynamics. Through this effort, the firm became a preferred supplier and became proficient in the SPC process. Texas Nameplate also obtained ISO certifications.

Mantle adds, “We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by being small, privately held, and always doing things to get better with our internal processes, rather than trying to get bigger. We do all work in-house and do not outsource.” Mantle’s advice to small business looking to do business with Lockheed Martin is as follows:

  • Assign an individual to handle the account who has significant product knowledge
  • Be prepared to handle a lot of paper work
  • Be prepared to have time for source inspections and schedule accordingly
  • Keep good records. Seven years of data is a minimum
  • Have adequate resources to purchase material and an efficient process to track inventory specific to Lockheed Martin to meet their stringent standards
  • Have a point of contact within Lockheed Martin for questions and problems
  • Have a good library of military standards and specifications
  • Be or become AS9100 Certified