Keeping the Customer's End Goal In Mind

Tri Models, Inc., small business that specializes in Prototypes and Wind Tunnel Models for Development Programs

Tri Models, Inc., produces wind tunnel models and has been supporting multiple Lockheed Martin programs since the 1970s. The firm’s flexibility and desire to be part of the team, rather than simply a subcontractor, has enabled Lockheed Martin to rely on Tri Models, Inc., as an integral partner.

“By being flexible and working as part of the development team, we are able to treat the Lockheed Martin end goals as more important than simply a contract,” says Chris Athaide, Director of New Business, Tri Models, Inc. Athaide also attributes the firm’s success by “being able to meet aggressive schedules without sacrificing quality at a reasonable price.”

Tri Model, Inc., markets its firm by staying in contact with end users and understanding their needs for services. But most importantly, Athaide shares that “the best marketing you can do is to perform at or above expectations with the first contracts. Success breeds success.”