Feature Supplier: Midwest Precision

Midwest Precision, Engineering-Driven Problem Solvers on Lockheed Martin’s Key Programs

Midwest Precision (D&B: 004188306) supports key Lockheed Martin programs such as Hellfire, Javelin, Apache and others, in precision machining and assembly, and has differentiated itself as a critical team member.

Midwest Precision’s AS9100 and ISO9001 certifications have provided the company the opportunity to work with customers such as Lockheed Martin, Siemens, Dupont, Stanley and Honeywell, among others. However, it’s their track record of a near 100 percent scorecard and dependable nature that keeps their customers coming back time after time.

Russ Mulh, program manager of Midwest Precision, remembers an instance when the Hellfire program was having issues with set screws not installing properly. He personally visited the Lockheed Martin facility to troubleshoot the problem and ultimately resolved the issue after bringing the assembly process into their facility. Paul Oettinger, Apache Fire Control senior quality manager, states that “Midwest was very responsive to Lockheed Martin Missile and Fire Control (MFC) needs. Due to their proactive approach, they have always anticipated MFC needs.”

Midwest offers the advice that with all businesses it is imperative to pay attention to detail and understand the contract flowdowns. They view their work as more than mere contracts, but focus on the fact that people’s lives depend on the products they provide.

For more information about Midwest Precision, please visit the company website.

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