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Feature Supplier: Gamma Aerospace

Gamma Aerospace Solves Complex Manufacturing and Design Challenges that Saves Lockheed Martin Money

No problem is seemingly too big, or small, for Gamma Aerospace to handle. As a trusted Lockheed Martin subcontractor for over 25 years, Gamma Aerospace (D&B 58671504) differentiates itself by solving complex manufacturing and design challenges for metal products that are installed throughout aircraft. Their complex forming abilities paired with their large machining capabilities allow Gamma to meet the difficult design requests under one roof, while always touting a ‘can do’ attitude along with expertise in items difficult to manufacture.

Specializing in complex metal forming, complex machining, assembly, titanium hot forming and heat treating, Gamma Aerospace’s products help Lockheed Martin achieve mission success.

“Gamma has proven to be a supplier Lockheed Martin Aeronautics can count on,” says Lockheed Martin Program Manager Chantay White-Taylor. “Gamma was awarded a difficult build to print part that surrounds the F-35 canopy that was previously awarded to a large business. Gamma was able to tool up, produce and ship confirming parts within a couple of months and successfully support the F-35 program during a difficult time as production ramped up”.  

Gamma Aerospace was able to provide Lockheed Martin, and ultimately the government customer, cost savings through its titanium X-Brace support for seating. This particular part had always been machined from titanium plane. However, after closer examination of the part, Gamma worked with Lockheed Martin to redesign the X-Brace and manufacture it from sheet metal using the hot form process, resulting in significant cost savings.

Products such as the JSFL05 Hanger Brackets are challenging multi-stage draw form parts requiring intricate tooling and strict adherence to procedure. These products are widely used in the F-35 program and similar parts used on the F-16 and F-22 programs. In addition, the canopy fairings they manufacture are compound contour form parts with close tolerance and interchangeable machined features, surround the F-35 canopy.

Gamma Aerospace’s diverse set of capabilities in a single location give them the ability to handle challenges such as titanium hot forming, skin stretching, extrusion stretching, aluminum heat treating with glycol quench, large five axis machining, hard metals machining, draw forming, bladder press forming and complex assemblies.

When TJ Raif, head of business development, Gamma Aerospace, was asked what advice he would give to other small businesses looking to do business with Lockheed Martin, he stated that “being able to solve the tough problems for your customers, especially during difficult times, will buy more spotlight and favor than any marketing effort.”

For more information on Gamma Aerospace, visit the company website.

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