Tribal Solutions

Tribal Solutions: Meeting Logistical Support Services and Equipment Readiness Needs

When a part is needed to make repairs to an aircraft or platform halfway around the world, Tribal Solutions stands at the ready to support Lockheed Martin in getting supplies delivered quickly and at a low cost.

The Special Operations Forces Support Activity (SOFSA) program provides critical and rapid response for joint logistical support to USSOCOM, focusing on Special Operations Forces and unique equipment. Lockheed Martin is a prime contractor on the SOFSA program and provides a full range of logistics services and executes sustainment and life cycle management of global supply chain of parts, warehouses and depots, aircraft, vehicle and equipment repair, maintenance and modifications and critical infrastructure support.

As a supplier to Lockheed Martin since 2011, Tribal Solutions, a Native American, small disadvantaged business, women-owned small business, provides critical parts and logistical support services for SOFSA. Tribal Solutions focused on precision manufacturing engineering and parts, as well as operational logistics. Its capabilities with ITAR, a global distribution network, and turnkey solutions are especially critical for a customer with unique, often specialized requirements.

“We provide assistance to obsolescence hurdles and assistance for other customers with diminishing manufacturing sources, even going as far as creating legacy equipment parts,” said Tribal Solutions President and CEO Francella Colbert, Isleta Pueblo/Navajo. “This is important for aircrafts that are in active service but need a part that is no longer being produced.”

Tribal Solutions also runs an Aircraft on Ground program, maintaining more than 10,000 line-item inventories, with spare parts and kitting solutions for all aircraft systems and structures. The program allows for quick delivery of spare parts to return the aircraft to service immediately.

“Tribal Solutions were low bid and produce excellent quality parts that are delivered ahead of schedule,” says John D. Huebener, staff subcontract administrator for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Indirect Materials and Services.

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