GHG Corporation

GHG Provides High-Quality, Cost-Effective Services to Lockheed Martin

GHG Corporation, a Serviced-Disabled Veteran and Minority-Owned company, provides engineering and information technology services that include safety, reliability, quality engineering, system engineering and design related to space vehicles and ground systems. A valuable Lockheed Martin business partner since 1994, GHG, currently supports Lockheed Martin programs across the U.S. and in Antarctica.

GHG provided seat design concepts for Lockheed Martin’s development of the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle, NASA’s first spacecraft designed for long-duration, human-rated deep space exploration. While most industries focus on only one or two axes for seat movement, the team explored automobile racing, helicopter and fixed-wing ejection seat designs to address the unique needs of the Orion crew. Through test and analysis, the team compiled and extrapolated data to address all three axes.

In addition, GHG identified a potential risk related to the Orion crew exploration drogue parachute system and raised a new safety issue through Probabilistic Risk Assessment. The team’s efforts resulted in redesigns that eliminated the hazardous risk for the Orion crew

GHG was also instrumental in improving the Stennis Space Center’s Component Processing Facility. Thanks to the team’s contributions, there was a 15 percent improvement in productivity with a 6,000 man hour reduction in resources. In recognition of GHG’s high-quality service, the company was named the 2012 Small Business of the Year at Stennis Space Center in support of Lockheed Martin.

GHG’s consistent focus on finding innovative solutions drives affordability for both Lockheed Martin and its customers.

“We have streamlined and automated all of our backend systems, which allows us to be very cost effective and timely with our reporting,” said John Denny, president of GHG.

Denny offers the following advice to other small businesses looking to support key Lockheed Martin programs.

“Make sure you have your processes in place and a solid handle on your cost structure.”

For more information on GHG, visit the company website.