M2 Global

M2 Global Technologies Rises to the Challenge of Meeting Critical F-35 Requirements

M2 Global Technologies is a veteran-owned small business specializing in worldwide microwave products and precision manufacturing services. Located in San Antonio, Texas, M2 Global supplies critical parts for Lockheed Martin's Joint Strike Fighter Program. M2 Global became a supplier with Lockheed Martin in 2006 when the firm received its first part for the F-16 program. The firm has since expanded its business with Lockheed Martin and now makes parts for multiple airframes, including: P-3, C-5, C-130, F-16, F-22 and F-35.

When Lockheed Martin developed the state-of-the-art F-35 aircraft, it was crucial to establish a quick-turn supplier base capable of meeting the F-35 program’s demanding schedule. Lockheed Martin identified several critical requirements for a supplier to fulfill the role of a quick-response manufacturer: exceptional manufacturing capabilities, close proximity to the Lockheed Martin Fort Worth facility, and a proven track record for quality and on-time delivery. M2 Global exceeded these prerequisites, but lacked the internal heat treatment, chemical finishing and painting processing required to establish the turnkey manufacturing capability needed to perform to the required cycle times.

Recognizing M2 Global's potential, Lockheed Martin and M2 Global entered into a DOD Mentor Protégé agreement in 2009. The companies invested the knowledge and skills of technical experts from engineering, production and manufacturing operations, quality assurance and business management. As a result, M2 Global achieved process improvements that significantly enhanced its cost and schedule competitiveness. M2 Global installed, qualified and obtained the facilities and certifications required for aluminum and titanium parts processing and achieved the desired in-house, quick-turn manufacturing capability.

“The mentoring and guidance provided for the qualification of difficult and expensive manufacturing processes positioned us for strong growth potential as a fully qualified supplier to DoD and other federal and commercial customers,” says Douglas Carlberg, president and chief executive officer.

“M2 Global has a deep understanding of the needs of our end customer and is able to provide excellent support in relation to Lockheed Martin’s mission to provide the highest quality and on-time deliveries of aircrafts for the JSF program,” says Bradly DaLuz, subcontract administrator for the F-35 program. “M2 Global is fluid and allows Lockheed Martin to maintain scheduled deliveries, even in unforeseen circumstances. M2 Global is a great asset to the JSF program.”

M2 Global’s success resulted in receiving the Lockheed Martin Small Business of the Year Award in 2009. More recently, the firm continues to receive industry recognitions, including the Texas Manufacturing Star Award and U.S. Small Business Administration Region VI Subcontractor of the Year Award.

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