Micor Industries


MICOR Industries Aims High to Offer Cost-Saving Innovative Solutions

With a slogan, “Doing better than our best,” MICOR Industries, Inc., sets its bar high for providing high-quality precision manufacturing services to its customers. MICOR, a small business, based out of Decatur, Ala., has demonstrated this commitment to Lockheed Martin over the past three years supporting various programs, including the Orion.

“In mid-2015, MICOR was approached to support fabrication efforts for the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle,” says Terry Abel, technical liaison to the Marshall Space Flight Center, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company. “We had heard good things about them from NASA and they’ve proven to be a solid resource, providing excellent machining of critical flight parts.”

MICOR Industries is now under contract through Lockheed Martin’s Arcata partner and has dozens of parts in the manufacturing pipeline, all supporting Orion’s EM-1 mission, scheduled to fly on NASA’s Space Launch System in 2018. “Since supporting the Orion program, MICOR has provided top-notch quality control fabrication and machining,” says, Kay Beighley, Small Business/Innovation Marketplace liaison, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company.

To remain cost competitive, MICOR Industries makes sure it is extremely diversified in the market today. The company also understands the importance of continuous communications with its customers. “The team is always looking into new ideas and being creative. Every year in manufacturing there is always something that hits the market and everyone starts their researching efforts,” says Will Beutjer, MICOR Industries Business Development. “With a lot of communication with our customers and the price of material on the rise, we began to come up with cost-saving solutions for them.”

An example is when MICOR Industries invested in new technology to drive costs down purchasing a cladding welder machine. The welder allowed MICOR Industries to overlay various materials, Inconel being one of them, and weld it on a less expensive base metal. “With this machine we are basically welding a cover over the part and it will provide the same functionality if you were to buy the more expensive raw material. This allows the end user to purchase the same part at a reduced cost and with the capabilities of this particular machine, we are able to weld the outside and inside diameters of the component,” says Beutjer.

When it comes to doing business with Lockheed Martin and the defense industry in general, MICOR Industries offers the following advice to suppliers. “Be extremely honest and responsible with your decision-making process. The industry we are in, everyone is on a time schedule so make sure to deliver the components on time every time,” says Beutjer.

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